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Display Advertising

display advertising
Display advertising has more impact on the user as you can create your ads using images, flash and video. You can either turn to a network of display advertisement or contact individual sites to place your advertisements.

The online display advertising market is currently dominated by Facebook, Google and Yahoo. With our vast experience of managing the display advertising we can make you get the maximum ROI you spend on the display advertising.

Benefits of Display Advertisement
    We identify your audience better. We don’t just build look-a-like models. We build the most advanced audience profile, then pinpoint the users with the highest propensity to respond. Coupled with our proprietary real-time bidder, programmatic buying expertise and publisher-direct inventory, we deliver performance at scale and incremental ROI for advertisers.
    With years of experience identifying and building audience models, we identify your business audience . Utilizing cross channel data, we find the attributes within your target audience that drive performance. Our team combines standard targeting, such as behavioural and contextual, with in-market, transactional, social and location-based affinities.
    It takes more than the ability to build an audience profile. It also takes smarter buying. Utilizing premium and programmatic buying, performance and efficiencies by valuing and buying your audience better. Depending on where they are in their online experience, your user is worth different values. Our advanced audience valuation methodologies and access to performance inventory means you never pay higher to get a customer.
    Display advertisement is the best way to increase your branding. Our experienced team will help you get your online branding with the optimised way to get your CPA’s low.
    Poor quality sites are bad for advertisers and brand equity, we work towards brand veracity and performance , by going beyond market standards we offer blocking ads on the site on which you don’t want to appear on.
    We want our customers to get the best results, but also to learn about their spending with our easy to understand dashboards by providing detailed analysis including channel, device, audience and creative’s. Customer service and satisfaction is our top priority.
Devices on which you show your ads
  • Desktop
  • Mobile
  • Tablet
  • Video
  • Email
  • Social
  • Online TV
  • Games
Audience targeting
    Show ads on sites related to your keywords
    Keyword Contextual Targeting delivers relevant messages to users based on the type of content they consume. You can target interested consumers at the exact moment they’re actively engaged in highly relevant content across.

    Keyword level contextual targeting enables you to:

    • Find engaged consumers who are interested in what you sell.
    • Use keyword-level targeting and bidding to reach your best customers.
    • Add extra power with remarketing, frequency capping, exclusion controls and other targeting tools.
    • Keep your brand safe by making sure your ads don’t appear next to undesirable content.
    Show ads on specific websites you choose
    Do you already know which websites your customers visit? Placement targeting lets you put your message on exactly those sites – and on videos.

    Choose a whole site or just the specific pages where you want your ad to appear.

    This form of audience targeting lets you target people whose online behaviours show they share a common interest, like sports or travel. Then you can show them highly relevant ads wherever they are online.
    Bring good customers back
    Remarketing ads are shown to customers who has already visited your website. The idea is simple: People who have already visited your site are shown your ads as they browse other sites.

    Remarketing ads remind customers of your products and drive them back to your site to purchase. It’s a powerful way to match the right people with the right message.